Visiting & Shipping Address

Arena Boulevard 61-75
1101 DL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)20 2401 001

Please feel free to send us demo material (streaming only, Soundcloud works perfectly) – we will listen to everything but note we will contact you when we are interested.

Algemene Voorwaarden / Algemene Inkoopvoorwaarden

  • Roel Coppen

  • Rense van Kessel

  • Robert Swarts

  • Roosmarijn Tallen

    Administrative assistant bookings & events
  • Katja Keersmaekers

    Head of NL bookings division
  • Marcel Buurman

    Head of Production
  • Age Versluis

    Booking agent
  • Bianca Sno

    Office manager
  • Ilja Tromp

    Artist manager
  • Jorinde Hiddema

    Junior Projectmanager
  • Marco Muhring

    Assistant Roel Coppen
  • Pien Feith

    Booking agent
  • Lauri van Ommen

    Assistant Rense van Kessel
  • Sarah Oranje

    Assistant Katja Keersmaekers
  • Gilles de Smit

    Brand Relations & Sponsor Manager
  • Rawathe Keijzers

    Marketing & promotion manager
  • Marije van Kapel

    Production manager